Another Wonderful Day| April 21, 2017

Change your thinking, change your life.

Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science

Your Search Begins Here

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There is only One Power in the Universe

This loving, all-powerful, creative force is called by  many names, and we can find this loving force in one place- within each of us.

Begin right where you are, right now, to allow this presence to fill your heart, your mind, and become the beginning and end of all that you are.

Experience a community dedicated to your spiritual growth.  From beginner to master, we all can grow together in our studies.  Learn how to meditate, pray, and participate in life-transforming classes.  You can be the real person that you were created to be.  You can discover the Kingdom within you.

Fun! Your life road may seem arduous now, more difficult than you can cope with. But nowhere is it written that you must suffer for the sake of suffering.  It avails us nothing to abandon joy and happiness.  Join us to seek a greater understanding of Spirit within.  We are here to purse Spirit with joy, laughter, and fun!